The Right to Experiment

Play, try, fail, learn and find the unexpected solutions for your challenges of tomorrow

Why this blog?

Why this blog?Welcome to “The Right to Experiment“, or R2XP in short.

Just after you are born, you start your journey to discover the world. Your key method to do this is: Just try it. Later you learn that this method is the basic principle of experimentation.

The first 10 years of your life are extremely experimental, learning new things every day in a joyful way. Sometimes you fail, but other people help you to learn from your failures. Your knowledge of the world is very limited, but that does not hamper you at all to learn faster than ever in the rest of your life.

At some moment, you enter education, where your teacher will help you to gain knowledge in a more structured way. Your key methods are reading books and following classes, gaining knowledge of everything that is already invented before. You discover your interests and develop your strengths. Your world gets bigger and bigger, and you define your own unique set of knowledge, skills and connections.

Then you start your professional career. Teachers become managers. Managers are focused on processes. Processes are based on the logic of today, to control the delivery of pre-defined value propositions.

However, in today’s rapidly changing world, there is no stability. Successful people and companies are able to adapt their value propositions to changing conditions. Extremely successful people and companies are able to define a better future by creating tomorrow’s unknown solutions for today’s challenges.

In most cases, unknown solutions are not built upon the logic of today. They require the right to experiment. Experimentation goes beyond learning, combining your unique knowledge with those of others, to achieve truly new insights for yourself, your organization and your environment.

This blog is about experimentation, as a fundamental right for all. Experimentation is the right to play, try, fail, learn and find the unexpected solutions for your challenges of tomorrow.

Like when you were just born…

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